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Toniq CB (Roller) TONIQ CB Spec Optional Equipment Duratec

Toniq CB (Roller)
Standard 12 month/ 12,000 mile limited warranty on parts and manufacturing/ engineering deficiencies.

    TONIQ CB Spec (Roller)

    Adds to standard car's specification

    • Interchangeable Track style nose cone complete w/lights (painted)
    • Full roll cage lightweight
    • 4 pot Alloy AP caliper upgrade
    • Q.R. Steering Wheel & Boss
    • Driver Tillett Carbon seat (1)
    • Driver Racing Harness upgrade to 6 point full race (1)
    • Tire upgrade to Yokohama AO48 195/50/15

    * Launch Edition cars require payment in full at the time of order.  The Spec Package can be added to a Launch Edition car

    All TONIQ CB, TONIQ CB Spec and TONIQ CB Launch Edition vehicles are subject to a Destination Charge.

    Items required to finish TONIQ CB, TONIQ CB Spec and TONIQ CB Launch Edition Roller include; Engine of choice,  Transmission of choice,  Oil filter,  Spark plugs,  Ign coil pack and leads,  Thermostat & hsg,  Oil pressure switch,  Crank sensor,  Dipstick and tube,  Water pump pulley,  Water outlet, EGR Blanking plate and fluids (brake, oil, coolant, etc.)

    Optional Equipment 

    Standard Paint

      British Racing Green

      Italian Red

      Spanish Yellow

    Upgraded Paint Level I

      French Blue Metallic

      American White Metallic

      German Silver Metallic

      Austrian Grey Metallic

      Danish Red Metallic

      Swedish Orange Metallic

      Australian Green Metallic

      Norwegian Black Metallic

      Finish Blue Metallic

      Cornish Blue Metallic (Launch Edition Car option only)

    Upgraded Paint Level II (custom color).

    Two Tone Paint (Upgraded Paint Level I charge shall be added if applicable)
  • Nose/ body

  • Fender/ body

  • Black Wheel finish

  • Chase Cam Package

  • RLC Cluster

  • Removable Roof System

  • Interchangeable windscreen

  • Turn-Key vehicle assembly
  • .**

    ** Drivetrain installation shall be completed under separate contract if desired. Turn-Key vehicles include a 12 month/  12,000 mile limited warranty for workmanship as it pertains to the assembly of the vehicle. The Toniq CB is covered by  a factory 12 month/ 12,000 mile limited warranty against manufacturing and engineering defects. Engines and  transmissions are covered by a 12 month/ 12,000 mile manufacturer warranty. See warranty disclosure for additional  information.

    Suggested Engine/ Transmission options for TONIQ CB 2.0L Duratec :

  • Engine*

    • Engine Type
    2.0L DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine with variable valve timing (VVT)
    167 hp @ 7,000 rpm (MT); 158 hp @ 6,700 rpm (AT)
    140 lb-ft @ 5,000 rpm
    7,200 rpm (MT); 6,700 rpm (AT)
      Displacement (cu in / cc)
    122 / 1999
      Bore x stroke (mm)
    87.5 x 83.1
      Compression ratio
      Fuel system
    Multiport electronic fuel injection with tuned air intake
      Recommended fuel
    Premium unleaded
      Valve train
    4 valves per cylinder, variable valve timing (VVT) with timing-chain-driven camshafts
      Engine block
    Aluminum alloy
      Cylinder head
    Aluminum alloy

  • Drivetrain

    • Type
    Rear-wheel drive (RWD) with powerplant frame  
      Manual transmission*
    6-speed with short-throw shifter
      Gear Ratios (:1)
      Final drive


    The North American specification TONIQ CB is classified as a special construction vehicle by the EPA, NHSTA and state departments of transportation. As such, it is sold without engine and transaxle. The engines and transaxle specified in this document are the suggested drivetrain for North American consumers. British Racing Group LLC, The Adrenalin Gallery, TONIQ LTD and TONIQ USA make no representations as to an individuals ability to register the TONIQ CB for road use due to varying requirements from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Special licensing procedures likely apply.  For specific requirements, please contact your state’s governing agency.  Licensing and registration of the TONIQ CB is the sole responsibility of the buyer. British Racing Group LLC, The Adrenalin Gallery, TONIQ LTD and TONIQ USA reserves the right to alter specifications including but not limited to; standard and optional equipment, suggested drivetrain specification, pricing, etc. without prior notice.