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Morgan Hunter


Driver Bio

Love is something that you find when you least expect it. It can change you as a person and it can transform your entire life. I first spotted love in my rearview mirror and seconds later it passed me going 100 mph down the highway. In those few seconds, my whole life changed. Four weeks later I was driving down that same highway in my brand new 2009 Chrome Orange, Lotus Elise. Next stop, the track!

As soon as got on the track I was hooked. I immediately committed to getting my racing license. Last year I received 20 hours of private instruction, participated in nine track days, and put in over 450 track miles. All-in-all I put almost 12,000 miles on my car in what has to be the best year of my life.

Being on the track with my car has changed the way I view life. On the track there is only forward. You can only be in the moment with 100% of your focus. The track exposes all your strengths and your weaknesses. And, the lessons you learn about yourself carry over into all parts of your life. The track has made me a stronger person, a kinder person, less judgmental, and more fearless. I feel like I’m living life for the first time ever. As I like to say, “There is no room for baggage in a Lotus.”

Surprisingly, when I started working toward my racing license I found myself thinking how directly the lessons of the track applied to business. So, I started a blog called Lotus MBA: Business lessons from the world of motorsport. Whether you’re going 100 mph in the boardroom or on the track, I hope you enjoy this unique perspective on solving business problems in the fast lane.www.LotusMBA.blogspot.com

I live in Chicago with my incredibly supportive husband and lovely teenage daughter. After 15+ years serving global companies in Information Technology, I started my own consulting firm in January 2011 called Meramec Consulting www.meramec.com. Meramec works with clients adopting emerging technologies to help them minimize risk and maximize their return on investment. Not nearly as exciting as the track, but clients love it.

Because of the Elise I’ve had conversations that would have never happen otherwise. I have met amazing people from around the world, from all different walks of life and, I have learned how to live a life of balance. I actively evangelize driving and motorsport to “the ladies” and I hope to inspire other moms and wives to discover the joy of participation in motorsport.