2007 RLS/ Lotus Exige S Blade 300 #1

Stock # C10-011
Year 2007
Make Lotus
Model Exige S
Body Coupe
Trim Touring/ Track/ RLS Blade 300
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Cylinder 4
Color Solar Yellow over Black Leather
Mileage 15,000
Price SOLD

Really Light Stuff (RLS) was created in 2008 by Thomas Alberti. His goal was to expand the capabilities of the Lotus Elise and Exige through weight saving aftermarket assemblies that also utilized the most advanced materials and techniques. Over the subsequent years, Thomas has developed some of the most acclaimed products in the segment including more efficient intercoolers and advanced cooling systems that have become almost a prerequisite for anyone seeking to campaign their car in motorsports or seeking optimal performance for street use.

The culmination of RLS's work is the Blade 300. This unique vehicle utilizes a 2007 Lotus Exige S as a foundation for a astounding transformation. The Exige S is already a formidable vehicle. The RLS car has the factory touring package, traction control and track package. From there, RLS went to work. The supercharger was ported and polished and the OEM pulley was replaced by a 2.9" unit. The standard intercooler was constrictive so RLS developed a more efficient version that is very similar to the one now used in the factory S260. The intercooler tubes were replaced as well using aircraft grade aluminum and fabrication techniques with carbon fiber ductwork replacing the factory supplied plastic. That was just the beginning. Below is a full list of the specifications:

15,XXX miles

Factory Option/ Features:
- Solar Yellow (“Lifestyle” color option)
- Track Pack option
- Adjustable sway bar
- Ride height adjustable suspension
- Adjustable damping suspension
- Forged aluminum wheels
- Touring Package option
- Leather seating surfaces
- Additional carpet and sound insulation
- Cargo net
- Upgraded Audio System
- Traction control
- StarShield (some panels newly replaced by Fox Valley Motorcars)

Aftermarket Enhancements:
- Cup Car airbox and filter
- Supercharger: ported & polished
- 2.9” RLS Pulley
- overdrive pulley
- Intercooler: larger RLS Intercooler
- CF intercooler duct, 2x2 twill
- Intercooler Tubes: lightweight RLS mandrel bent aircraft aluminum tubes
- Innovate Digital Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Meter
- Lotus Performance Stage II Exhaust
- Sparco four point racing harnesses
- Prototype Composites carbon / Kevlar “mailbox delete” front spoiler, 2x2 twill
- RLS carbon fiber wing ends, 2x2 twill
- RLS Injection water/methanol system
- Produced by ERL / Aquamist
- Two injection points
- RLS Battery Bracket with lightweight Odyssey PC680 dry cell battery & cutoff switch
- RLS carbon fiber rear window delete bulkhead, 2x2 twill
- NCI/RLS Undertray Closeout Panels
- complete 1/4 turn fastener package for undertray and diffuser

Please note that the carbon fiber "Cup" style roof IS NOT included with the sale. A cup roof as well as Convertible Conversion Kit can be purchased from the BRG Webstore at: www.shop.britishracinggroup.com.

Now that the car has reached the pinnacle of Exige performance, RLS has turned it's attention to other projects and is making this very special car available for purchase. This is a rare chance to obtain a professionally developed, built and maintained modified Exige with performance which exceeds even the Exige 255 Cup Car.